Jump Creek Idaho

Photos from a day-trip to Jump Creek, Idaho, Spring 2016.

Jump Creek is a short drive from Boise, Idaho, and is a popular day hike for families.  


The falls are in a small canyon and the pool is shallow and wade-able.  This photo was taken with a neutral density filter to slow the shutter speed.

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From the upper trail, looking down at the falls with a wide-angle lens.  I forgot to bring a polarizer.

Wildlife is mostly birds, day hikers, and one photogenic lizard, who was selling insurance.  I admit he is not a gecko.  In the closeup, he is only 6 inches away from the lens -- he was  not moving for anyone.  He posed for a half-dozen photos.

My directionally challenged hiking companion, Steve.  He finally bought a GPS after this trip.

Jump Creek Travel Notes:

On highway 78, just outside of Marsing (towards Jordan Valley), turn off the highway and drive a few miles on a well-paved road to get to the picnic area (directions in link above).  From there, a leisurely quarter-mile hike along a mostly flat trail takes you to the falls.  The upper trail is more treacherous but interesting; do not take young children on this route.

As you hike along the draw, watch for poison ivy*, which grows along the stream bank.  At the falls itself, there are no worries, just don't go bush-whacking along the stream.

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*Poison Ivy:  A bushy plant that grows in clumps and can intermingle with other plants.  Glossy green leaves in the spring, mottled red and browns in the fall.

The entire plant, including stems and roots, are toxic to touch - even in the winter after the leaves have fallen.  If your dog or kids run through the bushes, do not pet them.  If your clothes touch the plants, throw your clothes away because this stuff will not easily wash out.

At Jump Creek, the plants are numerous, but easily avoided.